Personal Experience


There always seems to be that one person in each family who hears – and answers – the call to find the ancestors. To breathe life into their stories and make them move. To witness and restore memory.

Those in my family have always been storytellers. Over dinners or gatherings, family heirlooms are passed, stories told, laughter loud. I have a deep passion for this work, and a strong desire to help document and preserve the stories that we all carry with us – big and small. My personal experience with my own family has given me a breadth and depth about all the ways stories reveal themselves, and how to creatively preserve them.

Professional Experience

With 10 years experience in the publishing field, my skills span project management, video and audio editing, writing, book and ebook production, distribution, and digital media. My professional experience in telling another’s story gives me a wide variety of skills, from archiving and digitizing to genealogy and publishing. 

Cultural Experience

As a member of the Chinook Indian Nation, I have a general understanding of the oral tradition of storytelling. I know how important a culture’s stories are. With this cultural experience, I view stories with a slightly different lens. It could be why I find myself so committed to this work, because I know what can be lost.

Spiritual Experience

Being an ordained interfaith minister, I am familiar with the emotions, thoughts, healing, and importance that many of life’s biggest milestones can bring. I can help you navigate the terrain of your life’s story, or simply walk beside you along the way.

I knit whenever I can, read voraciously, practice medicinal herbalism, and dig in the dirt every chance I get.