Folks, It’s Time to Write

During one of my workshops, one woman spoke to me afterwards. She described coming to the US during a time when being African American was not a good thing, and how challenging it was for her. Back home, African Americans were treated just like everyone else. Here, they weren’t. And she couldn’t quite make sense of such a thing. She said something that stuck with me: “Sometimes, as an older person, I feel it is my duty to write my stories down, to tell them, because I was there in my own history. My voice is important. How will other people know what happened? If I don’t speak, who will?”

I have been watching social media, news outlets, and people in general as they respond to the new administration. Misinformation flies everywhere. It is becoming more and more challenging to sift through headlines, words, and sources to get at what’s really happening. Voices are being shut down, demonized, twisted, avoided, or simply lost.

This bothers me.


Truth must be louder than untruth. Love louder than hate. Standing for what is good and right louder than staying in our own comfort zones. We are riding large waves of history; it is an important time, not to be forgotten or silenced. The richness of all aspects of this beautifully rough storm deserves to come to the surface, because we are then given what we need to walk through it and get to the other side.

To help this process, I created Story Circle Workshops. It is an intimate gathering of friends and/or cohorts who wish to dig deep and explore their place in their own history. Through writing exercises, guided meditations into the senses, and working with the chakras, we write from rawness up through power and heart into the voice and spirit. With the guidance of our ancestors, our stories move full circle, calling up healing, and releasing us into the world to be our best selves. Stories are compiled and printed into booklets for the group to keep, share, and pass along.

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